Seasonal effects. If more of the world’s climate becomes like that in tropical zones, it could potentially affect crops, insects, malaria transmission, and even confuse migration patterns of birds and mammals worldwide. . In Italy, this is impacting summer.

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Scientists in Botswana recently learned that to adjust to climate change, African wild dogs have shifted their breeding schedule by 22 days due to the shrinking cool season.

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May 24, 2019 · As climate change has raised temperatures in coffee-growing regions, coffee growers have had to go farther up mountains to find cool air.

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The region and others like it can expect greater precipitation and evaporation in both wet and dry seasons, according to the study. Global temperatures rose about 1. The former is quantifiable, like damage to infrastructure which can be funded and rebuilt, while the latter is losses to culture, society, and things of. . Existing global climate studies rarely consider such patterns. What’s clearest so far is that color changes are occurring later in the season.

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Ultimately, global warming will impact life on Earth in many ways, but the extent of the change is largely up to us.

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