• Use 2019 and 2020 information and enter the amounts in. mortgage on the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE. . What should I do if the Business/Farm Supplement is missing? You can find the form on our website under Financial Aid Forms.

Harvard college business farm supplement

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Cash Flow Statement. You may be required to submit additional financial aid forms, such as the business/farm supplement, the cash flow statement, or the federal tax non-filer statement.

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If either of your parents has an interest in a business or a farm, then you should submit a Business/Farm Supplement Form for every business or farm as well as the business tax return for each. U. . . . Save or instantly send your ready documents.

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When I completed the CSS Profile, it included a section on "Parents' Business (BA.

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or tax returns in place of the Business/Farm Supplement, unless specifically requested by your college.

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School Year 2021-22.

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