DISA valves are flaps in the intake manifold that change the resonance properties of the intake. I've had the rattling noise for a while and at first I thought it was the VANOS, but after further research and reading the 330i doesn't suffer from the VANOS rattling noise. Free Shipping. lots i read seems to indicate often these symptoms are related to failed disa but if it is possible mine doesn't have disa valves what else is causing the symptoms. Oct 14, 2022 · What is Disa valve in BMW? October 14, 2022 by Carolina.

Disa valve symptoms

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BMW E9X 325i N52 Rough Idle DISA Valve ISSUES Become a member and get exclusive discounts at https://www.

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Sep 25, 2022 · Figure 1 The DISA valve is located on the left side of the intake manifold, in the center (green arrow). Add to Wish List.

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(Diaphragm) (Membrane) DISA repair BMW M43, M43TU,M44 (ซ่อมวาวล์.

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Has anyone either deleted their DISA valve and shown gains, or swapped out the M44 manifold for the M42 (rumor is it works better). THE BMW DISA VALVE on your E46 with the M54 engine plays an important role in creating performance and fuel economy. When it fails it can lead to a rough idle, reduced performance and. -----2AA9 Variable Intake System conversion 2 - Vanos related. szee1. Free Shipping. looks like I have a new project for tomorrow, pull manifold.

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And dangit, way to resurrect the dead.

private car hire los angelesA DISA valve is primarily there to extend or shorten the volume of the plenum. akhdar village mw2

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looks like I have a new project for tomorrow, pull manifold.

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I think there is a second DISA valve on the internal side of the manifold.

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