The family of Ken Leishman, known as Canada’s Flying Bandit, on an outing in the 1960s. Feb 26, 2023 · They stole £26 million in gold bullion – the biggest robbery of its kind in British history. . A gold.

Biggest gold robbery in history

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Türkiye, experiencing 86% year-over-year inflation as of October 2022, was the largest buyer, adding 148 tonnes to its reserves.

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But the gang members involved in the plot were seasoned criminals who had previously come to the attention of police. .

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With diamonds and cash also taken, it was considered to be the largest robbery of its type in history, with the amount stolen equating to £93 million by. The Great Gold Robbery took place on the night of 15 May 1855, when a routine shipment of three boxes of gold bullion and coins was stolen from the guard's van of the service between London Bridge station and. Brink’s-Mat robbery (1983) On 26th November 1981, three tons of gold bars were snatched in the now legendary Brink's-Mat robbery - the biggest gold bullion theft in British history. . . .

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Mickey McAvoy and Brian Robinson, the leaders.

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