. Due to having double coats, the cattle are able to endure extremely low temperatures. Highland cattle are Scotland's oldest native breed of cow and originated in the Scottish Highlands and Outer Hebrides (a Scottish island to the northwest). Calves are small 40-60 pounds and birthing assists are rare. .

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They produce rich milk allowing for steady weight gain in the calf. .

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5 to 15 acres of grazing space for those cows from the grazing season lasting from May to September.

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I would say buy both if you can swing it. It’s not much if you compare it to a common cow’s weight (starting at 700 kilograms). They’ll kick for 10 minutes sometimes, after they’re done. . Asides from their massive horns, Highland Cows are also known for their long, shaggy coats. These cattle are a hardy breed, designed to withstand the conditions in the Scottish Highlands. .

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They also require a lot of food, so owners must be prepared to feed them a diet of hay, grass, and grain.

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The ability of Highland breeders to trace the sire/dam of each cow permits them to select back the better animals to produce “premium” cows.