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(ˈænətə ) or anatman (ænˈɑtmən ) noun.

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Collins English Dictionary.  · Synonym for anata wa Wa = is and no = possession Anata wa means "you are" And Antwan no means " yours "|あなたはやさしい。 Anata-wa yasashii.

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の preposition. It is an agglutinative language, meaning that it combines various elements including nouns, adjectives, verbs and auxiliary verbs to create complex words and expressions. Human translations with examples: english, watashi, manabubekidesu, watashi ga anata. soko ni umareru no wa kitai hazure nanka ja nai itadaki no SMILE. You can do it. Collins English Dictionary. .

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How to learn the Japanese language in the most correct way? 1.

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"I" is Watashi, "my" is.

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